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Growing environmental awareness has given rise once again to the Plastic versus Paper debate. Businesses are being asked to work hand in hand with environmental bodies yet are on a constant quest to keep prices down for the consumer. On average per household, a plastic bag cost 15c compared to a paper bag which costs 35c.

Everywhere we are being encouraged to resist the use of plastic bags which “poison the environment” and use paper bags instead! This campaign is largely fuelled by the ignorance of federal, state and local governments regarding plastic recycling and the consumers themselves not understanding the recycling process.

Education at all levels will help us “close the loop”, preventing plastic bags escaping in to our environment. Instead, they can be turned into valuable and re-usable resources beneficial to our society.

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Plastic bags are cheap, hygienic and functional products that are often reused. Provided they do not end up as litter, they have very little effect on the environment. Carbon that was stored in gas deposits ends up being stored in landfill sites. Continue reading