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Custom Manufactured Plastic Bags, Plastic Sheets & Tubing.Made locally to your specifications at Extremely Competitive Prices

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Below are some of our available products

  • Singlet Bags
  • Bread Bags
  • Press-sealed Bags
  • Self-adhesive Bags
  • PP & BOPP Bags
  • Garment & Garbage Bags
  • Heavy Duty Nursery/Fertiliser Bags
  • Boutique & Retail Bags
  • Printed Showbags
  • Plastic Films & Tubings

We always provide our best service and remain supportive to all our customers

Speedway Plastic Bags Pty Ltd specialises in manufacturing of LDPE, HDPE and PP plain or printed bags.  We are a fully Australian owned company with more than 20 years experience in the business. Our customers range from the government departments to food industries as well as retail businesses.

It is indeed an honor to be in partnership with our loyal customers, some of them have been with us since our formation days.  We are able to share the joy with some who have grown strong together with us while others have scaled on to even greater heights.  It is therefore our strong conviction to always provide our best service and remain supportive to all our customers for their packaging requirements so that we can achieve success together.

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Plastic or paper – comparing facts and figures

Many people think that paper bags are much more environmentally-friendly than plastic, because it comes from wood, which is an honest, organic and renewable resource, whereas plastic comes from oil or gas, which is a non-renewable resource, manufactured via a chemical process. If we look at the manufacturing processes of both materials however, producing paper bags seems a lot less environmentally-friendly than producing plastic ones.

One difficulty in comparing facts and figures is that there are so many sources to be found, based on different studies. The following gives a comparitive overview between plastic and paper bag production.     Find out more ->