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Biodegradable Bags

Do you know that Speedway Plastic bags also offers environmentally friendly bags.
What makes our Eco-Pure treated bags revolutionary is, unlike all other biodegradable bags, our bags are food contact grade and most of all it does not have a shelf life limitation. It not only retains the current characteristics of poly bags, but gain the added benefit of being biodegradable at the end of their useful lifetime when disposed of in a microbial rich environment such as landfill. Eco-Pure treated bags take a fraction of the many years traditional plastics take to biodegrade.

Hearing the term “biodegradable” often?
What is biodegradation? Biodegradation is the ability of a material to be broken down into simpler compounds by microorganisms or other decomposers. This degradation produces water, carbon dioxide, and/or methane and in some cases other residues which are non-toxic to the environment.

There are many products on the market that claim to be “biodegradable” or “compostable”. From an environmental perspective, there can be a number of problems with many of these types of additives and resins. Oxo-degradable and PLA products both require a very specific environment in order to begin the process of breaking down. PLA must be composted in industrial facilities, while Oxo-degradable plastics need oxygen and sunlight to begin the degradation process. Many of the requirements needed to activate these types of degradable plastics are not present in landfills, where plastic commonly end up after disposal.

ECO-PURE accelerates the biodegradation of everyday plastic products. When Eco-Pure is added during the manufacturing of plastic, the traditional plastic product becomes able to biodegrade when disposed of in a microbe-rich environment. An example of a microbe-rich environment is a landfill. The Eco-Pure additive will start to work in this landfill environment, breaking down the plastic into inert humus, methane and carbon dioxide. What makes Eco-Pure treated plastics revolutionary is their life after disposal, which becomes greatly reduced. Eco-Pure treated plastics take a fraction of the many years traditional plastics take to biodegrade.