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Boutique and Retail Bags

Boutique and Retail Bags

Retail and boutique bags are made out of low density (glossy finish) or high density (matte finish) polyethylene with dye-cut handle.

Besides the standard white colour, you can opt for other colours such as red, yellow, orange, brown, etc.

Printing of company logos or slogans on the bags, up to four colours can be a first class advertising option for companies.

Turn around time is usually 3 weeks from date of order. Our minimum quantity for printed bags is 5,000pcs. However, we do accept short run of 1,000pcs with an extra set-up charge.

We also stock non-printed white bags in the following common sizes:-

  • SMALL – 250MM(W) X 300MM(L)
  • MEDIUM – 300MM(W) X 400MM(L)
  • LARGE – 400MM(W) X 500MM(L)